ALSA Outline Bank

For access to our ALSA-exclusive outline databank, please follow this link:  TBA


Peer Mentorship Program

ALSA’s Peer Mentorship Program pairs first-year students with upperclassmen to foster a sense of community, build lasting professional networks and to help students thrive in the law school environment. The program launches with the Mentorship Dinner, the first opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet and get to know each other. This fun event sets the tone of the program and creates the perfect environment to begin strengthening these important relationships.

Mentor-Mentee Sign-Up: Application Form (Sign-up period for the 2015-2016 Peer Mentorship Program has ended.)

Alumni Network

The Asian Law Students Association maintains a comprehensive databank of alumni that establishes an international network of law students and professionals. The spreadsheet can be accessed here: TBA.

This list is an incredible resource and we really hope everyone will contribute so we can maintain a strong alumni network. If you would like to be added to the list or to update your information, please follow this link.